Come to
Sheffield Mine
Leave your cares behind,
Play in the dirt
& Discover that .....

Gem Mining
truly is a

We hope you'll come to love our atmosphere and our kind, fun loving staff who is there to help make your whole experience one to remember and share with your family & friends!


Beaches are Closed,

but the


are OPEN!!!

We are OPEN!!!


Because of these


We request: 

Wear Your Own Masks


Practice Social Distancing


We want Everyone to stay


We Love You All!!!


Are you ready to Get Dirty, 

Find Rubies & Sapphires

have some 



make wonderful 


2 Super Honkers
 (We have only been open for a Month!)

(109cts! & 154cts!)

found so far, by 2 different young folks! 

Congrats to them for their patience and perseverance!!!  Wooteeeee - Hooteeeee!!!


There have been at least 40 Honkers

and a slew of Squeakers have been found too!


(Squeakers are Rubies or Sapphires that are 15 to 30cts.  

Honkers are Rubies or Sapphires that are 30 cts or larger

Super Honkers are Rubies or Sapphires that are 100 cts or larger!

- most Diamond rings are only 1/4 carat to 3/4 of a carat.) 

* Because Native Mining takes at least 3 hours,We accept our Last Customer usually around 2pm BECAUSE - it REALLY takes about 1 hour for each Native Bucket & you get 3 Starter Buckets with each Admission!!!  NOT at all HARD, just time consuming!!!! This is the Real Deal    -    a Genuine NATIVE Ruby & Sapphire Mine !!!

Starting May 22nd, 2020, we'll be here everyday rain or shine ready to help you out. So just come on down and enjoy yourself in the Great Smoky Mountains and maybe you too will bring home a valuable piece of North Carolina in the form of a Squeaker or a Honker of a Ruby or Sapphire!  Did you know that a Squeaker of 15 Carats up to 29 carats is Great, and a Honker of 30 Carats up to 99 carats is Awesome, and a Super Honker of 100 carats or MORE is Stupendous, but even a Ruby or Sapphire that weighs at least 4 Carats is often decent enough for cutting and setting into a Ring or if you find two, then into a pair of Earrings?  


Scroll down to see how you can save some money!!!

Want a Couple of Super Sweet Deals? - Go to Emma's Place - BEFORE & AFTER your trip to Sheffield Mine - go BEFORE and Get a Coupon good for $1 Off of Admission for EACH person in your group or family.  2 People save $2, 5 People save $5,  you get the drift.  Then AFTER your day of mining at Sheffield Mine, stop by Emma's Place again and Receive 10% off of any Stone Cutting that you would like to have done.  Prices are SUPER Reasonable and the folks there treat you like family, just like at Sheffield Mine. (Little Secret - there's a reason for the same friendly atmosphere at both places - they're both owned by the same people - the Smiths.  They've owned and operated Sheffield Mine since 2000 and Emma's Place has been open since 2011.  Oh and speaking of "OPEN", Emma's Place is Open 7 days a week from 10am until 6pm.  That's 1 hour longer than the Mine is open so you can leave Sheffield Mine and have plenty of time to get to Emma's Place.   Don't worry about how you're dressed or how dirty you might be, just come as you are.  When you walk into Emma's Place you'll think you have stepped back into time into a Victorian home, but fear not - it is people friendly and a little bit of dirt is not a problem!!!  Scroll down for more info and a link to that web site.

Emma's Place is located at 1884 Georgia Rd. also known as HWY 441 South.  828-369-1884

Emma's Place is also an Awesome BEAD Shop and Jewelry Making Classroom!


In addition to Stone Cutting, Emma's Place also offers Fine Ready-Made Jewelry and Gift Items and Emma's Place is a BEAD SHOP and also offers Jewelry Making Classes in several different methods including Bead Weaving, Kumihimo, Viking Knit, Wire Weaving, Wire Wrap  and more in a Beautiful, Clean, Climate Controlled Environment.  Classes are 1 Day in Duration so if you are spending several days at the Mine and would like to spend 1 day taking a Class, or you just would rather learn a new skill while the rest of your crew is mining, check out the website or give a call to discuss your options. 

For more info about Emma's Place, call 1-828-369-1884 or go to 


FREE Native Bucket:

Bring a bag full of film canisters or Non-Childproof Pill Bottles and get a free bucket of native dirt!!

325ct Ruby

found by

12 Year Old


of California

June 16, 2016

385 Sheffield Farms Rd. ~ Franklin, NC 28734 ~
(828)369.8383 ~

Rainbow Buckets

Loads of fun for Kids of ALL ages!