So what will it cost...

Got an ARM?
Got a LEG?

Gem Mining is cheaper than
you might think and so much
fun that it would be a bargain
at twice the price.  After all,
who can put a price tag on family memories anyway?!

***Admission Prices***

Ages 10 thru 65 - $20 each
All others - $15 each

Each Admission Includes ~ 3 ~ Starter Buckets of dirt -
Choose from NATIVE (Potential Ruby Bearing) Buckets,
or Regular Enriched RAINBOW Buckets
or Mix It Up- Your Choice!

You'll also get a seat at the Flume, the use of a Screening Tray, a Tin Can for your hopefuls, and a Film Canister to take your definite Rubies and/or Sapphires home in (or you can leave them to be cut and polished). If you are going thru Rainbow Buckets you will be given a Zip Bag to put your goodies into and of course, no matter which type of bucket you choose, you'll also receive our cheerful, sometimes zany, assistance throughout your visit to Sheffield Mine.

More hours of fun than a movie, more memorable
and potentially a lot more rewarding!!!!!

Definitely the stuff that Family Memories are made of!!!!