Additional Native Buckets

$3 each or 2/$5


Super Rainbow Buckets

All Super Rainbow Buckets contain large specimen stones that are not found in a regular Rainbow Bucket. They also contain every gemstone that we have in stock - many of which are never seen in a regular Rainbow Bucket!
You also receive a Rock Hound Button and a Gem ID Card.
Don't forget to get your big scoop and a bag or two to put all your finds in!!

Super Rainbow Bucket - $25 (RED above)  
This bucket contains nearly every variety of enriched gemstones that we have in stock. Many of which will never be seen in a Regular Rainbow Bucket!!! And several stones are a nice specimen size, good for displaying.

Super Duper Rainbow Bucket - $50 (BLUE above)
This bucket contains a larger quantity of Enriched Gemstones as well as
1 already Cut & Polished Gemstone.  Hmm... wonder what gem it might be?

The Big Easy Rainbow Bucket - $100 (GREEN above)
Same size bucket as above,
but almost 2 times the gemstones & a whole lot less dirt!  Plus Emeralds,
& 2 already Cut & Polished Gemstones


Additional Rainbow Buckets

$5 each or 2/$8​

Rainbow-to-Go Bags - $15  
Great for at home parties, House Sitter Gifts,
Pet or Plant Sitter Gifts, Birthday or Christmas Gifts!
Consists of 3 Regular Rainbow buckets in a concentrated form
already bagged up and ready to go.  Also includes a Gem ID Card.


Specialty Buckets

Emerald Bags and Buckets -
$20 - 250cts
$30 - 500cts
$50 - 1000cts

These buckets contain Emeralds from Brazil,
Most of these Emeralds are better suited to a
Cabochon Cut while a few can be Facet Cut.  
Cabochon Cut Emeralds are truly as
Beautiful as they are Unique!!!

Sparkle Buckets - $15
This bucket includes translucent gemstones,
many of which can be Faceted,though some are a bit
cloudy and better suited to a Cabochon Cut.
We also have these bagged up and ready to go if you so desire.

Fossil Buckets - $15
This you'll find at least 5 different varieties of ancient Fossils
from Morocco from a variety of animals and plants.
We also have these bagged up and ready to take home if you desire.


You really get a bargain with any of these buckets!

All of our Specialty Buckets are a lot of fun and can be shared with the whole family, or kept just for yourself! Hmm....