So just what is a HONKER??
Well first let's start with the squeakers...

Squeaker -
A Ruby or Sapphire that weighs
between 15 and 30 carats

Honker -
A Ruby or Sapphire that weighs
between 30 and 100 carats!

Super Honker -
A Ruby or Sapphire that is
100 carats or larger!

MANY smaller stones are found all day too! Most are good for bragging rights and some are large enough to cut, polish and turn into absolutely stunning jewelry!

So come visit us and start hunting and
maybe you'll even find a "Honker" for yourself!!

All the goodies that you get with your Honker or Super Honker minus that 149ct ruby sorry but you have to find your own!!! Oh and when you do don't forget to grab your free bucket of dirt too!!

How to become a Honker Club Member:

Step 1: Come to Sheffield Mine and get a NATIVE bucket of dirt.

Step 2: Scrub your rocks till they're clean!!

Step 3: Find a Ruby or Sapphire that weighs 30 carats or more.

Step 4: Tell us your name and get embarrassed over the loud speaker!!

Step 5: Get a free bucket of dirt (for life) a button (that you must wear till midnight) a Honker Certificate and a Card to bring with you next time for that free bucket of dirt!!

Step 6: Take your Honker and show it off to friends and family!!

Ohh and come back to visit us again!!

We'll be waiting!!