How do we find Rubies?

Heres a few pointers before you come but remember you still need to listen to the speech once you arrive!!

1. Poor no more than 1/4 of your native bucket into the tray at a time less is even better!!
2. Make sure all the mud is gone by laying the tray in the water and squishing out the mud with your hands!
3. Here's the time consuming part your rocks need to be as clean as possible!! So gather your small rocks to the center of the tray with the tray out of the water and cup your hands around them to start scrubbing the rocks.
4. Dip the tray back in the water to rinse and repeat steps 3 and 4 at least a good 5 times and probably more depending on how long you scrub each time.
5. Put your hopefuls in the tin can and you definates in the film canister and we will come by to let you know what you have if you don't already!!

      Signs its a Ruby:

              PURPLE/PINK color, triangle ridges, six sides, weight, and if its hard enough to stratch the tray. 
              If it breaks or leave color behind when trying to stratch the tray you can throw it out.