How does it take?

Each Native bucket takes about an hour to go through and you can choose to get 2 with your admission so plan on being here for at least 2 hours or longer depending on how much fun your having!! Also during the summer months we can get pretty slammed and we have been known to have a waiting list for room at the flume line. So if you don't want to hang around waiting for someone to be done for the day then make sure to get here at 10am when we open!!

The regular salted or rainbow buckets as we call them, will take about 5 to 10 mins to go through so if your planning on doing native and you have a child with you who will be doing the rainbow bucket, after the two that come with the admission you might want to consider one of the specialty buckets starting at $25 in the long run it could save you some cash and the constant pleading of "Can I have another bucket please??"

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