I'm disabled, Can I still mine?

No problem!!! If you can't walk or just need some assistance getting down to the mine we'll be happy to pick you up from the parking lot. Once parked then honk your horn 3 times and we will have someone come and get you in our red Mule.  Don't worry, we don't let Yazzy drive! You can also call us on your cell phone once you're close and let us know what color and type of vehicle that you're driving and we'll try and be waiting for you when you get here...just remember sometimes its a bit hard to get away as fast as we'd like so it may take a few minutes but fear not we won't forget about you!!!! ( If we do, just beep or call again ;)

Once down here if you're in a wheel chair we have a special section of seating that is removable so that you can wheel right up to the flume and dig in... and we'll tote buckets for you too!

The Red Mule! And its favorite rider Yazzy!!