Is this a REAL Native Gem Mine?

YES!! This is a GENUINE Native Ruby and Sapphire Mine - the "Real McCoy" The Dirt AND the Rubies and Sapphires come from right here on our property.

 - Now some "Mines" will tell you that the dirt comes from their property, but they don't tell you that the stones come from their property - they let you fill that gap in yourself and of course the inclination is to fill it in with "well I guess that the stones come from here too" - but they don't!  Their stones are like our Rainbow STONES - they come from many parts of the world, but not from here!  However OUR RUBIES AND SAPPHIRES ARE NATIVE TO OUR PROPERTY RIGHT HERE IN NORTH CAROLINA - COOL!  Which means that when looking for the rubies and sapphires you have to be diligent and patient remember that these stones have been in the earth surrounded by dirt and other rocks for millions of years so they aren't just going to pop out at you screaming "Hey look at me don't I look pretty!!!"  This process will take about 1 hour per bucket and with your admission you get to start out with 3 buckets of your choice.

Now with that said we know everyone doesn't have the patience to go through the Native buckets so we do also have the option of Salted buckets for those who want an easy find but keep in mind you will NOT find any Rubies or Sapphires in these but you will find some very cool and unique stones!!