Why come to Sheffield Mine?

That's easy! Here you will have a fun filled day digging in the dirt making lots of silly, exciting, relaxing memories with your family and friends and oh yeah and did we mention we are a NATIVE Ruby and Sapphire Mine! 

4 Reasons to come to Sheffield Mine:               

   1. to Have a Genuine Gem Mining Experience                 

   2. to Do Something New and Different or to Do Something You Already               Love To Do                 

   3. to Be the 1st Human ​to Spot, Touch and Own a REAL Ruby or                          Sapphire no matter how large or small                 

   4. to Create Lasting Memories with Your Family & Friends that will be                 Yours FOREVER whether you find Rubies, Sapphires or just plain               old Leaverites!  


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!!! This is the Real Deal    -    a Genuine NATIVE Ruby & Sapphire Mine !!!

Many mines in the area are awesome places to go to but most lack the NATIVE aspect. Now don't get fooled there are some mines that claim NATIVE Stones but in truth are actually salted. Here is how you know the difference: if it is a Native Stone it should take some time to find and some hard work, if the stones you are finding are SUPER obvious and take no effort to find, you guessed it, its a salted stone ie. one from another place other than the mine you are currently at most likely from another country altogether. If you need the easy quick fix for Rubies and Sapphires you will have to try another mine. If you want the thrill of the hard find then Sheffield Mine is the place to be! Now don't worry we do have some salted buckets for those of you that need the quick fix, but they don't have rubies or sapphires. Instead they have all kinds of other gem stones from around the world! 

Being a Native mine means ADVENTURE, but not necessarily treasure! Its the hunt that makes mining fun so while we would LOVE for EVERYONE to bring home a Honker, that won't always be the case but we are here for all adventure lovers, future miners and the exclusive Honker finders!


Now if you are worried you might miss something please don't hesitate to ask our helpful experienced Staff. They each have over 20 years of experience in the rock and gem mining business. Feel free to TRY and stump them about our stones, but don't expect them to know everything about every stone ever. When asked our team will check your tray and let you know if your rocks are clean enough to start looking and if it is they will give it a once over and help Guide you to finding your first RUBY or SAPPHIRE if there is one in there! If you grabbed a salted bucket then when you are all done take your finds to the office for some first class identification!

Please keep in mind The point of coming to our mine isn't to "get rich quick"! its to have fun and make some memories!


Before you even begin your awesome adventure you'll get a 10 to 15 minute Orientation in the Mine Office. This is to help you to recognize what you are looking for and the BEST way to go about actually finding what you're looking for.  To find these rubies and sapphires, you must get the rocks super clean otherwise you'll easily overlook what you came to find.  Then we keep checking with you & encouraging you to ask us over and over again if necessary, to show you what the stones look like, to make sure your rocks are clean enough, and to help you in any way that we can.  Our goal is for you to find as many Rubies and Sapphires as possible, and large ones too if they're there -


How else will you be able to tell your friends at home
about the Best Vacation Ever?!?!?!

Good Luck Rock Hounders!!