What is a Ruby?

​A Ruby is in the Corundum Family and the only thing that sets it apart from a Sapphire is its color.  It's Color is typically Red however they can be in the Purple range as well. Rubies are the second hardest mineral known to man ranking a 9 on the MOH's scale, the first hardest is of course diamond ranking a 10. It's Specific Gravity is 4.02 and it's Crystaline Structure is Hexagonal meaning that while forming it develops into a long six sided crystal. 
Non-jewelry quality Rubies are used as jewel bearings in watches and as components of scientific equipment and in lasers. 

Rubies that you'll find at Sheffield Mine aren't the traditional RED rubies that one usually thinks of.  These here are Star Rubies, and therefore the definition of their color is a bit different.  They are more of a Purple-Red color and even though the color is a bit different from what most of you would expect, make no mistake, these ARE rubies, and if they are a good quality, can be more valuable than diamonds!