What is Native vs. Salted?


 Native means that the stones you are finding were Formed In the Ground that you are standing on!  Any gemstones found at a Native mine in Native buckets should take hard work and lots of time to find. If you have never searched for the stones you are currently looking for you WILL need some guidance and help finding your first few until you start getting the hang of some clues and tricks to be used in finding what ever type of stone you are looking for. You might not find much or any of the stones you are looking for but if you do you will be very first person to pull it from the dirt and hold it in your hands! That's what we call Braggin' Rights!

With that said it is good to remember that although you may find a HUGE native gem stone it has never been examined and checked for quality. Just because it looks amazing doesn't mean the stone in your hand, while a precious stone, has any real value. Many stones may have a strange color you weren't expecting or be riddled with micro holes that make it uncuttable, these qualities along with others are often unknown until cut into or examined with professional tools.   

Here we don't know if there is a ruby or sapphire in your bucket or not, because we didn't PUT it there.



Salted means that the stones you are finding have come from a different part of the world and have been added to local dirt. These stones require very little work and are a Guaranteed easy find. Most of these stones are imported from places like India, Brazil or even Africa! When mining a salted bucket you will typically find larger sizes and quantities then from a Native bucket. You won't be the first to ever find these stones but you will be the one bringing them home! These stones have often been pressure washed and inspected for a minimum quality.